Chocolate Chip Cookies

A couple of days ago some neighbours moved in from Hawaii, so we thought we could make them feel welcome by baking some delicious cookies to deliver and get to know them. This recipe is a Chelsea Winter recipe from her new cookbook Homemade Happiness, and is just divine, the cookies are hard on the…

Easy Corn Fritters (Includes Recipe)

The other night Mum needed something to go with the chicken, so we found a corn fritter recipe and adapted it to our taste. We only had 1 egg so we had to halve the mixture, if you are cooking for  a few people I would double this. Here is the recipe we used: INGREDIENTS:…

Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie. Today I am going to show to you another easy Chelsea Winter recipe. The meal that we are cooking today, as you may have already guessed is, Chicken Pie! Let’s get cooking! First I fried the bacon, mushrooms and thyme. I made a white sauce with milk, flour and cream, and thickened it…

Healthy P.B Granola

Today Mum found a recipe for a slow-cooked Peanut Butter Granola and asked if I would make some for her for breakfast.  It was really easy and it made heaps so I thought I would share it. First, I got all of my ingredients. Then I got a saucepan and chucked some coconut oil in…

What chefs recipes I use and what I reccomend to others

Well, first of all let’s start with what chefs I use. The number one chef that I use and am going to use in later blog posts is Chelsea Winter. I defeniently recommend her to anyone who likes fast, easy and most of the time healthy recipes.

The second chef I have used and am going to use is Nadia Limb. I like her recipes because they are always healthy and are easy to prepare. I recommend her to mums who are very cautious of their children’s health and want some recipes that the kids will eat.

As I have not done many blog posts that is about all of the chefs I have done. But I am going to be updating more so be prepared for a whole new wide range of chefs introduced to you!

Chocolate Tart

The other day my Mum needed something for the family party that we were having at my Uncle’s farm. She was asked to bring something for dessert so, (surprise, surprise) she asked me to do it. (Lazy if you ask me!) Anyway, we needed the ingredients for the divine treat that I chose to make, so we went to the supermarket.